Academic Staffs

Urban Policy and Regional Economy Course

Endo, Naohide

Local government accounting, local government management, public governance

Konagaya, Kazuyuki

Research on the economic regional structure and urban policy in megacities, town management, and regional revitalization

Sato, Michihiko

Town management innovation

Sano, Nobuhisa

Public-private-partnership, private finance initiative, public management

Nagata, Junko

Research on the management related to public sector organizations and people

Yoshida, Takayuki

Urban cultural policy, cultural resource, art project

Urban Governance Course

Takano, Keisuke

Legislation system, decision making process of local government, local administration

Hisasue, Yayoi

Legal systems on public lands and properties, National Security Law

Goishi, Norimichi

Comparative international research on social policy in East Asia

Mizukami, Keigo

Research on city finances and city management and international comparative research on government debt

Urban Business Course

Umehara, Kiyohiro

Study on small business management and ICT business

Kanai, Kazuyori

Study on Entrepreneurship, industrial clusters, social venture

Shindo, Haruomi

Corporate Venturing, Academic Spinoffs

Chika, Katsuhiko

Information economics, information social science, research on valuation techniques for information investment

Murakami, Norio

AI / Renewable Energy Industry Study

Ozeki, Tamane

Entrepreneurship, innovation, strategic partnership

Innovation Management of Healthcare and Social Welfare Organizations Course

Akuzawa, Mariko

Human rights education and development, international human rights standards, concept of human rights and residents’ awareness, human rights investigation methods

Iwasaki, Yasunobu

Leadership in healthcare organizations, Open innovation for healthcare organizations

Kawamura, Takaya

Management and organization of knowledge creation in multicultural societies

Shingae, Akitomo

Research on life models of sexual minorities, research on scientific technology and the body

Hattori, Toshiko

Basic study for the formation of medical organization ethics

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