Our Mission

Toward the Regeneration and Creation of Our Modern Cities

We are in the period of worldwide urbanization

21st Century witnessed the large-scale urbanization and economic growth in the third world countries up to the over half of population living in urban agglomerations.

Cities in advanced economies faced the crisis of population decrease, aging , and flight of industries, which induced to the financial difficulty by the lack of tax and the increasing social welfare expenditure.

Creative and smart solutions are needed such as:

  1. High-value-added town management, public-private-partnership, private finance initiative, public management, local government accounting, policy analysis & urban planning under the condition of population decreasing, regional revitalization
  2. The shift from urban government to urban governance, consensus building, administrative and law systems for such critical time, public organization and management, urban politics, urban financial problem, urban social policies
  3. New industry incubation and promotion, to advance the industrial technology, to flourish urban business, and to improve the business skills in small/medium sized companies and entrepreneurs
  4. The studies on more efficient and ethical management, how to planning the system of medical, social and non-profit institutions to cope with increasing demand of medical, social and non-profit services under the conditions of tight budget

GSUM(Graduate School of Urban Management) will give you various solutions to these problems from the viewpoint of economics, management and policy sciences, law/public administration study and regional studies in 4 courses explained in the next section (Our Features).

CEUR 創造経済と都市地域再生 「創造都市を創造する」大学院 創造都市研究科電子紀要 創造都市研究科紀要 R2-3Sプロジェクト 大阪市立大学創造都市研究会 院生会HP