Our Features

Toward the Education of Advanced Professionals and Practical Researcher

The Graduate School of Urban Management will support all leaders and professionals in search for solutions of Urban Business/ Public Policy problems.


Master Degree by studying evening/Saturday programs after working day-time


Main class rooms located at very accessible site near Osaka Station (Umeda Satellite)


Curriculums are full of many participatory / seminar / workshop style approaches to support you to make your original papers designed in 3 steps as

  1. workshop with visiting lecturer (1st and 2nd semesters)
  2. seminar on methodology, research skills and field work (2nd and 3rd semesters)
  3. seminar on original process to make your master papers (3rd and 4th semesters)

This new graduate school creates leaders, advanced professionals and practical researchers (from governmental/public institutions, private companies and non-profit organizations, etc.) who can solve urban management problems through the concepts of `Innovation' and `sustainability' from the viewpoint of economics, management and policy sciences, regional studies and law/public administration study.

4 Course Compositions (Master of Urban Management)

  1. Urban Policy and Regional Economy Course
  2. Urban Governance Course
  3. Urban Business Course
  4. Innovation Management of Healthcare and Social Welfare Organizations Course
CEUR 創造経済と都市地域再生 「創造都市を創造する」大学院 創造都市研究科電子紀要 創造都市研究科紀要 R2-3Sプロジェクト 大阪市立大学創造都市研究会 院生会HP